Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - Extending the Site

Extending the Site Before development commenced, we knew that we would have to address workflow as a part of Stage 2. During the testing and content population phases, other improvements were identified that would also form a part of Stage 2. We advised the client that we should note down all these requests to review after the site had gone live. In previous implementations, we found that what we thought should be added as a priority in Stage 2 hasn't always turned out to be the case. What we think we need and what proves to be valuable aren't always the same. Three months after the site went live, we met with the client to review how things were going with the management of the site and how the public were reacting. What we found was the design and structure of the site was received well and didn't need any revision. We also found that the functionality was more than adequate. Workflow Although it was seen as important early on in the project, the need for workflow wasn't that important. The creation and review of content was being handled well as a manual system. The cost and effort for implementing workflow outweighed the benefits that it would bring. Archiving Before the site went live, we had identified that the way the sub-navigation was displayed would become unwieldy if there was a lot of content. We discussed possible solutions, the main one being the ability to put content into an archive so only the most recent or most important content would be displayed as a part of the sub-navigation in the section pages. It was agreed that an archive facility would be added as part of Stage 2. Integration with CRM What wasn't important earlier but became a priority was the ability to automate the registration for newsletters from the site into the CRM software used by the client. This project is to be scoped out in more depth soon.