Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - Miscellaneous

This covered all the single pages within the site that are better described as utilities ("Don't Make Me Think", Steve Krug, New Riders). In Misc, we put content for things such as the copyright message, disclaimer, sitemap, credits, and so on. It was a repository for anything that was information about the site or the centre, rather than the information that CFD provided. Links to these items appeared in the footer on each page of the site. In recent implementations, we have found it useful to add another section, Library. In it, we store files (such as Word documents or PDFs) or images that are used in more than one place on the site. It is especially handy for reusing graphics. We've found that some clients use the library a bit like a file server and create sub-directories to help structure the content. The inclusion of a Media view in the admin templates of the version 3.2 of eZ publish makes the management of a library of images much more user-friendly.