Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - The Existing Site

The Existing Site The first website was built in 1996. At that time, most websites were built with HTML and simple graphics. This site was no exception. The navigation was implemented using a series of icons that allowed the user to click through to each section of the site. While clever, the icons had little intrinsic meaning and no text to explain where you would end up if you clicked them. However, most pages had regular hyperlinks that gave the user a better idea of what the site contained. What was interesting about the existing site was how it had grown over time. The site was updated fairly regularly over a seven-year period by many people with varying levels of technical skill. The result was an extremely difficult-to-navigate website with a remarkable amount of content. Updating sections of the site became the responsibility of the managers that ran those areas within the business. One of the larger sections of the site, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), was maintained by the Manager of LCA for the Centre for Design. This section of the site had internal consistency as one person was in charge of its content and maintenance. However, the structure of the content in the LCA section differed from other parts of the website. The colors, navigation, and structure were all unique to this section. Over seven years, the existing site had become so fragmented and disjointed that even staff within the CFD had trouble finding content. A copy of the existing site was archived before deploying the new site using the eZ publish CMS to ensure that content would not be lost.