Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - The Process

The Process

Requirements Requirements gathering was conducted over several meetings and finalized in January 2003. The requirements covered the following areas: Key Objectives • Promote the organization and its services • Clearly define what CFD are about • Create a knowledge base • Publish information in order to change current practices Creative • Present CFD as they wished to be seen • Show an understanding of the target market • Recognize local & international considerations Functionality • All content to be managed in-house without needing technical skills • Intuitive and easy-to-use browser-based administration interface • Multiple users with different permission levels (namely author, editor, and publisher) • Consistent presentation for all content • Site search facility (including searching Word documents & PDFs) • Complex publication rules (for example, content added to one section can automatically appear in other sections) • Accommodate different types of content • Workflow for creation, review, and publication of content • Version tracking • Ability to update look and feel without rebuilding the entire site Content • Review existing content • Establish patterns • Establish ideal structure Hosting Environment Sorting out the hardware was straightforward. We already had a server configured that hosted other eZ publish sites. The client agreed that we would host the new site. Hardware • Hewlett Packard LC 2000R • Dual PIII 1GHz processors • 1Gb Ram • 3 x 9Gb SCSI Hot Swappable Hard Drives • RAID 5 Array • DAT tape back up facility with daily tape rotation • Dual Redundant Power Supply Software • Red Hat Linux • Apache web server • Tomcat 4 servlet container • PHP 4 • MySQL 3