Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - The Project

The Project Initially, the requirements were to provide a consistent look and feel to the existing information as well as the ability to update certain sections. The focus was purely on the content and its presentation. As the need for content management was limited to only some of the sections, we initially proposed a custom-built CMS. However, we also stated that the needs of content management could go beyond expectations, so a full content management system would be a better long-term option. This proposal was presented in November 2002. When we discussed the proposal with the client, it became clear that the needs of the new website could not be fulfilled with a simple custom-built CMS. The depth and scope of content was far too wide. A custom-built CMS might have provided an acceptable short-term solution, but considering the life span of the previous site (seven years) we knew that this site had a minimum two year life span and an expected life span of five years. Based on this, we went back to the client in December 2002 to establish the detailed requirements of the site.