Centre For Design, eZ Publish Case Study - Training

Training Even though the eZ publish admin interface is simple and easy to use, we knew from previous implementations that training was very important on two levels. Firstly, we found it was useful for people using the CMS to understand how it worked, how a CMS wasn't just a normal website, and to think of content as separate from how it was presented on the website. Secondly, it was important to familiarize people with the main functions provided by the admin screens. We conducted two training sessions based on a training manual we had written for a previous project, which we then customized for this project. The training manual was broken down into five main areas: • What is a CMS: The key message for this section was to explain that a CMS is made up of different layers that combine to produce the site. These layers, the content, the display templates, and the rules for how the content and templates combine, together create the website. • General functions: The purpose of this section was to help familiarize people with the main areas of the eZ publish admin interface and how to navigate. • Folders: This part of the manual talked about how the content was structured in the same way that files are stored in folders on computer. It also explained that there were rules that meant only certain content types could be put in certain folders. • Managing content: This was the largest part of the manual and covered all of the functions that people would need to enter, preview, and manage content, including reverting to a previous version of an article. • Formatting: Most of the formatting was covered by the templates but formatting could be applied to some areas. This part of the manual explained how to use the online editor or to use the standard formatting tags allowed by the CMS.