How to Plan a CMS Project


Planning a CMS project is more than just getting a set of requirements and working out timings for drafting the specification and implementation. There is a lot of information that is vitally important to the shaping of the project that isn't captured in requirements. What this chapter does is firstly explains requirements and then shows how to plan your project through a project brief and planning workshop. It also covers how to deal with estimations and the issues that arise at this point of the project.

The goal of defining a project is to make sure both the project manager and the client (internal or external) have a clear and common understanding of what the final outcome will be. This is not an easy process as there are many ways to capture information that can be misinterpreted and lead to expectations and assumptions. By being aware of the inherent risks in gathering requirements and through the use of practices such as success sliders in a planning workshop, you stand a much better chance of defining the project in a pragmatic manner. The more realistic your plans are, the greater your chances of success.