Information Architecture and Design


The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of information architecture and design in relation to content management systems. Decisions made on how the site is structured have an impact on how the content management system will be implemented. Understanding the impact of these design decisions will help to ensure the content management system is implemented in an effective manner, both during the development and in the ongoing use of the system.

The key is to understand the role that information architecture and design play in the end solution. Knowing what is good or bad design in this case is a role for the experts, not the person managing the project. What matters is that as a manager, you are able to appreciate the difference between information design and interaction design so that you can ensure that it is dealt with properly as a part of the project. There are many books that deal with each of the elements of design outlined in this article if you want to know more, but really, it’s the design experts that should know these books intimately. As a manager, you simply need to appreciate that all elements of design need to be considered to ensure a successful outcome.